FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Before arriving

To apply, does my project have to somehow be connected to Ingmar Bergman or his work?

No. Check "Who can apply and how" for more info.

What are the application deadlines?

February 28 and September 28, for a period within the following 12 months. 
Check "Who can apply and how" for more info.

Child care and pre school possibilities?

A minimum of 6 weeks stay is required for allowing children a pre-school place on Fårö. 
For more info talk to the Director.

Are there bikes to borrow? 

Yes, 2 at Dämba and 3 at Ängen

Should I bring my own printer?

There is a printer at Dämba and one at Ängen.

Do I need cash for the ferry to Fårö?

No, the Fårösund-Fårö ferry is free.

How often does the ferry go between Fårösund and Fårö?

Every half hour (no ferry 8.30, 12.30 from Fårösund).

Is there a washing machine in every house?

There are washing machines at Hammars, Dämba and Ängen. 
Guests at Flygeln can wash in the main house at Dämba

Is there a tv in every house?

No, the Hammars Guest house and Skrivstugan lack tv – and internet.
The others only have three Swedish channels.

Is there a dvd player in every house?

No. Dvd at Ängen, Dämba.

Do I need bring bed linen?


Is there an internet connection?

Yes, at Dämba and Ängen, not at Hammars nor Skrivstugan.

Can I invite others during my stay?

If they are family members included in your application or professionally connected to your project and included in the application. In all other cases, visiting relatives or friends must find their own accommodation on the island.

Can I bring my friends or visitors to see Hammars?


Can I bring my dog or cat to the Bergman Estate?


My children?

Yes. (However, children are not permitted at Hammars.)

Can I make calls from the place where I will reside?

Yes, as long as they're not long distance calls.

Can someone call me?

Yes, there are telephones in all houses. The numbers are listed in the information file you'll find in the houses. Note: There is no mobile network (or wireless nternet) around Hammars and The Guest House.

At The Bergman Estate

What do I do if the internet connection (in Flygeln at Dämba) is lost?

For Flygeln: You restart the router in the closet on the second floor by pulling out the cable, 
and connecting it again. If this does not help - restart the main router which is located on the 
second floor in the main house at Dämba, by doing the same thing.

Does The Bergman Estate have a collection of Bergman movies that I can borrow?

No, but there are plenty of Bergman movies on VHS which you can watch on the Hammars VHS player.

Is it possible to watch a movie in the cinema at Dämba?

Talk to the Director about it.

How am I supposed to separate the garbage?

Read the instructions in the houses. Throw plastic, metal and paper in separate containers 
and bring them to the recycling station in Fårösund. 
It is open Tuesday and Thursday 7 AM - 6 PM, Saturday 9 AM - 1 PM. 
Glass & Bottles: there is an igloo for glass by ICA on the island. 
(You can also bring it to the recycling station.)

Where am I supposed to dump it? 

See above. Each house has garbage bins. The brown and the black bins by the houses (brown for compost and black for burnable stuff) are emptied every other week. You must park the bins by the main road to be emptied. Also in the instructions.

Where can I collect my mail?

In the mailbox at Dämba. Adress: Bergmangårdarna, Box 2078, 624 66 Fårö.

Where can I drop off my mail?

Where there is a yellow mailbox - nearest by Körkmacken gas pump. 
Sending/receiving package is c/o Bungehallen in Fårösund.

On the island 

Where do I shop food?

At ICA on the island or at Bungehallen i Fårösund

Any restaurants on the island?

Yes, during the summer there are a handful, during other seasons Vinor in Sudersand may be open weekends.

Where can I buy petrol for the car?

Statoil in Fårösund or at Körkmacken, (only credit card), near the church.

Where can I withdraw money?

ATM in Fårösund, outside Bungehallen.

Is there a bakery?

Yes, Sylvis döttrar opens up in May. Otherwise the closest bakery is weekends in Valleviken.

Is there a sauna/pool nearby?

Yes, both – and a gym in Fårösund (Idrottscenter, a few minutes from the ferry).

Is there a doctor nearby?

Slite Vårdcentral, phone 0498 204581, Storgatan 79.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

Slite. Bungehallen has some prescription-free medicine

Where can I rent dvds?

At Statoil in Fårösund or in Visby.

Where can I buy wine?

You can order it in one of the local stores, and wait a couple of days. 
Or buy it in Systembolaget in Slite or Visby.

Can I ride horses nearby?

Yes, there is a stable with 25 Icelandic horses on the island. 
Call Fia; Fårö Islandshästar: +4670 6900432 or +46498 221444. e-mail fia@faroislandshastar.se

Where can I go fishing?

In the lakes (perch) or by the coast (sea trout, pike, flounder, local turbot).

House rules Hammars

When is Hammars open for the artists staying at the Bergman Estate? 

9 a m - 5 p m. Closed on weekends and on holidays.

Can I watch vhs tapes in the movie room?


Can I borrow books from the Hammars library?

Yes, as long as you read them in the house. The books are to stay at Hammars.

Can I prepare meals in the kitchen?

No, but you are welcome to heat food in the micro oven or make coffee/tea.

Can I unlock the door to the veranda and have lunch outside?


Can I turn up the heat if it is cold?

Yes. Consult Birger Kalström.

Can I bring my friends or visitors to see Hammars?


Can I bring my children to Hammars?

Unfortunately not.


What should I do if the fire alarm (smoke detector) goes off?

Call Birger Kalström.

Is there a vent for the fireplace?

Yes, there is a button regulating the ventilation.

Where can I get wood for the fireplace?

Talk to Birger or Kerstin Kalström.