Our guests

Residencies 2011

The board of the Bergman Estate on Fårö has decided on a new round of applicants for residence at the Bergman Estate. Several of this summer's and early fall's applicants are linked to the work of Ingmar Bergman – which, incidentally, is not a criterium for being able to apply for a stay at the Bergman Estate. It is open to artists, researchers, academics and persons dedicated to democracy issues. The stays at the Bergman Estate vary in length between three weeks and three months.

  • Anna Bergman, set designer and costume designer, for the project ”The Film Costume – Clothes and Costumes in Ingmar Bergman’s Films”
  • Thomas Broomé, artist and sculptor, for work with several site specific art works
  • Leif Furhammar, film professor, author, for gathering material to a short film about recurring themes in Ingmar Bergman’s films
  • Jan Holmberg, film historian and CEO of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation, for the project ”Media Materiality: The Case of Ingmar Bergman”      
  • Anna Håkansson, editor, project manager, for a queer theoretical study of Bergman’s film The Ritual
  • Carla Jonsson, researcher in literature, for work with multilingualism and code switching project
  • Thomas Knauf, Germany, script writer, film director, for work with a script on Polish playwright Gombrowicz
  • Ger∂ur Kristny, Iceland, author, for work on a novel                 
  • Morten Krogvold, Norway, photographer, for work on a photo project
  • Jimmy Olsson, film director, script witer, for work on a film script
  • Semmy Stahlhammer/Isabel Blommé, violinist/cellist, for exploring and arranging new repertoire and to compose music
  • Eva Söderberg, researcher in literature, for developping the gender project about girls in literature FlickForsk!

Residencies 2010

  • Norwegian State Touring Company (May 2010)
    The first guests of The Bergman Estate were members of the Norwegian State Touring Company (Det norske Riksteatret). At the end of May 2010, the ensemble held its reading rehearsals for a new production of Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night on Fårö.*
  • Anniken Amundsen, artist (June - September 2010)
  • Dag Hensten, graphic designer (June - September 2010)

Shorter stays

  • Liv Ullmann, actress and director (July 2010)
  • Jon Fosse, author, poet and playwright (July 2010)
  • Ariane Mnouchkine, director and founder Le Théâtre du Soleil (July 2010)
  • Gösta Ekman, actor (July 2010)
  • Marie-Louise Ekman, artist and film director, Managing Director of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm (July 2010)

Other guests

  • Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, Swedish minister of culture (July 2010)
  • Michael Douglas, actor (July 2010)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones, actor (July 2010)
  • Democratic Voice of Burma, exile radio station (August 2010)
  • Holly Hunter, actor (November 2010)
  • Gordon MacDonald, actor (November 2010)

Freedom of speech and democracy issues were on top of the agenda when Oslo-based exile radio&tv station Democratic Voice of Burma gathered for an intense 2-day board meeting on The Bergman Estate.
The planning for the coverage of the upcoming elections was another important question during the Fårö weekend, as was the possible creation of an independent public service radio and television - once a democratically elected regime is put into place in Burma.

Among the board members are editor-in-chief and chief sub-editor Aye and Khin Mau Wing, who share responsibility for a staff of 140, divided between offices in Oslo, Chiang Mai in Thailand and 90 "secret" journalists who work anonymously in Burma.

Present was also the PM in exile, Sein Win, who is also a cousin of famed democracy advocate, Aung Suu Kyi. Professor Harald Bockman and journalist Kristin Havgaard represented Norway and Staffan Sonning from Swedish Radio and Kerstin Brunnberg, former CEO of Swedish Radio, represented the Swedish public service radio.

*P.s. Norwegian National Theatre
The Norwegian National Theatre were the very first guests of The Bergman Estate as an AIR in May 2010.
September 2 the theatre premiered its version of Eugene O'Neills "Long Day's Journey Into Night" in Oslo to rave reviews.

The ensemble of 13, including the director Stein Winge and actress Liv Ullmann, spent a week discussing and rehearsing the play. Folllowing the premiere, Norwegian daily VG gav the play its highest accolade and calls the play "a touchstone in the history of Norwegian theatre". Liv Ullmann's interpretation of Mary Tyrone is, according to the same critic "a phenomenal exhibition of true theatre art".

The play is currently on tour to a string of Norwegian cities - a tour that will wrap with a couple of performances at the Royal Dramatic theatre in Stockholm Dec 8-9 2010.

[The property] will not be preserved like a museum or a tourist attraction, but as an arena where new art is created, performed and discussed, as well as a place where new ideas are debated and tested out. Such a place would perpetuate my father’s ideals.

From Linn Ullmann's initial project outline for The Bergman Estate