Who can apply for a stay, and how?

The Bergman Estate on Fårö is open to artists, scholars and journalists from around the world, as well as people dedicated to democracy and freedom of speech issues. Applicants should use the designated form, which should be completed and at our disposal no later than September 30 or February 28. Decisions will be announced and communicated in April and November respectively. The Bergman Estate offers accom­mo­dation for a work period of no less than three weeks and at the most three months. Applicants with special needs can apply for travel grants. Group applicants are advised to focus on the beginning and end of the season, i.e. November and March. The Bergman Estate is closed December through March.

Applicants must be able to document professional accomplishments and output, provide a description of the project they intend to work with on Fårö, the size of their party (spouse, children, etc.), and the intended length of their stay. Additionally, applicants must specify how they intend to reimburse the community in the form of a cultural event. This event may also be outlined in consultation with the Artistic Director.

The Bergman Estate is also open to group projects. Examples of this might be theatre ensembles, film productions, or the editorial department of a media company. The Bergman Estate is to be an international arena and particularly welcomes applicants who wish to cast a non-Western view across the Baltic Sea.

The notion that artistic work and research are irreconcilable with normal family life is an outdated point of view contrary to the principles of The Bergman Estate. By collaborating with the parental cooperative at Fårö preschool, we wish to provide day care so that the stay at The Bergman Estate will be of the greatest possible advantage also to parents of small children. We recommend a stay of at least a month for visitors accompanied by family and children.

During their stay at The Bergman Estate, visitors will be self-catered and receive free accommodation, but, as stated in the statutes of the Foundation, “commit themselves to a reimbursement in the form of a cultural/artistic contribution that benefits the local Fårö community and possibly others.” Some examples of this might be:

An author visits The Bergman Estate in order to write, and has agreed to hold a public reading or a lecture on Fårö at a certain date and time.

A theatre group travels to Fårö in order to rehearse for a production, and the ensemble, or parts of it, has agreed to perform excerpts for the local Fårö community.

A filmmaker finishes his script during a stay at Fårö, and gives a talk about the film, or arranges a special viewing for interested members of the Fårö community. The possibilities are many, but proposals must be realistic and practicable. These agreements based on cultural reimbursement can create new artistic constellations, experiences, meetings and events for the benefit of participants, audiences and the local community

Assessing applications

Applications will be processed by the Artistic Director, who in turn prepares them for final assessment by the Board. Decisions are made based on the project description and the Bergman Estate statutes.  When assessing applications, we place great emphasis on the description of the purpose and  quality of the project that the applicant intends on working on during the stay. Visits for the purpose of studying will, as a rule, only be taken into consideration if the subject calls for a presence on Fårö.
Attach a short CV. Artists should attach images of representative works - three or less - or provide a link to online material.

Practical advise for staying at the Bergman Estate

Self-catering is the rule. Guests should plan for a highly self-dependent stay on Fårö. The Bergman Estate will provide bed linen and towels, but guests are expected to take care of their own meal and laundry needs, as well as cleaning the premises during and after their stay. Cleaning equipment and detergents are available, as well as directions for the end-of-stay cleaning. The Bergman Estate can, for a fee, provide for the latter.

There is no mobile reception in the main house at Hammars - you can, however, get a signal at the other buildings. A phone landline is available in all houses except Skrivstugan. Ängen and Dämba has wireless Internet access.
Before their stay, visitors should read and sign the "RULES OF THE HOUSE". Visitors are also expected to sign an agreement regarding personal liability in the event of property damage during the stay.
After the stay, we would like for our guests to fill out a short questionnaire about their stay, from the perspective of a user. What can be improved? A short report on the stay is also appreciated – not the least because of its value to future guests who can benefit from the impressions and experiences of others.

With a bit of imagination, this commitment to reimburse can result in exciting new artistic constellations, experiences, meetings and events that benefit artists, scholars, the public and the local community.

From Linn Ullmann's initial project outline for The Bergman Estate

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The Bergman Estate on Fårö
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