A logo is born

The Bergman Estate logo

In winter of 2010, the children of Fårö and Fårösund were invited to participate in a competition to design a logo for The Bergman Estate. The response was overwhelming, and 198 children submitted their drawings inspired by Ingmar Bergman and Fårö to a jury consisting of two Norwegian graphic designers, Terese Moe Leiner and Dag Hensten. The decision was not an easy one, but in the end the jury noticed a particular detail in the drawing of seven-year-old Adam Östergren from Fårösund, and made the following statement:

Selecting a winning design that will grace the logo of The Bergman Estate on Fårö has been a challenging but rewarding task. Along the way, we had to compare various visual elements against the typographical design. In our search, we often took a closer look at the details of a drawing, trying to find elements that would be suitable in the context of a logo. We have finally made our choice and are fully convinced that the strange and lovely little man Adam Östergren has drawn is the perfect symbol for The Bergman Estate on Fårö. He evokes associations to Bergman himself, perhaps to a sense of wonderment and surprise. The figure has a subtle expression, and his lovely “thinking hat” symbolizes an activity of the mind, a presence. The line itself has something truly charming about it, a playfulness that in our opinion works extremely well as the symbol of a centre that is to be a cultural meeting ground and a place for the creative and performing arts.

All participants received a reward, and all the drawings were displayed at an exhibition at Fårö Bygdegård, which was extremely well attended. The winning drawing, as well as the final logo, was also presented at the time.

Adam Östergren's drawing The detail from Adam Östergren's drawing that was selected as a visual element for the logo.