Guide to Fårö

Getting to Fårö

How to get to Fårö

- a short guide to the easiest way of getting from the mainland to the Baltic isle of Fårö – and how best to get around on the islands. If you travel from abroad, first go to Stockholm and then we’ll guide you to the Bergman Estate on Fårö!

Fårö’s location and size

Fårö lies just north of Gotland. You reach ferry by car ferry from Fårösund on Gotland. The area of Fårö is 113 square km. From one end to the other, Fårö is 25 km. Along that stretch, the main road of the island runs, from the ferry port at Broa to Holmudden at the northeasternmost point of the island. Around 540 people are permanent residents on Fårö, but in the summer that number rises to a couple of thousand.

How to get to Gotland from the mainland

You can reach Gotland by either air or sea. Flights and ferries both arrive in Visby. The broadest selection of departures are from Stockholm.

Airline companies (from Stockholm/Bromma/Skavsta, Göteborg, Östersund, Kiruna, Sundsvall, Ängelholm) (from Stockholm) (from Göteborg) (from Linköping) (from Oslo)


The Gotland ferry departs from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn to Visby. If you are travelling from Nynäshamn and don’t have a car, you can get there from Stockholm by commuter train or the bus from Central Station. You can bring your car or bike on the ferry. More information is available at the Destination Gotland website, where you also book your ticket.

How to get around on Gotland and Fårö

The distance between Visby and Fårösund is about 50 km, easily travelled by car, or the local bus. Though, note that the local bus has infrequent departures. A free car ferry takes you from Fårösund to Fårö in seven minutes. On Fårö, the easiest way of getting around is by car.

By car

The easiest way to get around on Gotland and Fårö is definitely by car. There are plenty of car rentals both at Visby airport and at the ferry terminal:, 0498 248550,, 0498 215010,, 0498 216855, Carina's car rental in Fårösund, +46 708 231408.

By bus

Bus lines and time tables can be found at (in Swedish). Choose “Travel” and then “Kollektivtrafiken på Gotland” to find time tables.
Buses depart from the ferry terminal straight to Fårösund and Fårö. Traffic on Fårö itself  is highly limited and infrequent.

The Fårö ferry

The car ferry between Fårösund and Fårö is free of charge and makes the trip in seven minutes. The ferry leaves twice an hour, on the hour and half past (departing from Fårö about ten minutes later). During the high season, the ferry goes off-schedule into shuttle traffic mode. After 10 PM, the ferry only leaves if the staff has been notified in advance of waiting passengers. (+46 771-65 65 65). Time tables for the ferry can be found at

By bike

Bikes are at your disposal at the Bergman Estate.